What to know before updating to lion

While some physical improvements with Spotlight, Photos, Safari, and other Apple apps are definitely welcome with today's new OS X release, perhaps the most exciting aspect of El Capitan are the under-the-hood improvements for performance gains.

There’s no need to explain how time-saving performance upgrades can be for working professionals — and for those reasons, everyone will want to update immediately.

I've been told most Apple Stores are willing to do the above for you if you explain you've got a slow internet connection at home. Maybe there is some problem with your disk drive on Mac?

If I hold option to the selection screen (it takes several restarts for it to appear; most of the times it just skips to the lion instalation page) and then insert the disc, it will read for a few seconds and then eject it. I don't think this is a solvable problem, more likely you need to get it replaced under warranty (or buy a new mac if it's out of warranty). I haven't tried it but you might be able to use the disc from a network device but you will have to find more info on it.

Here is my situation: I have a 2010 i Mac that came with a Snow Leopard disc, which I installed. However, yesterday, I had to erase my entire HDD (because of a permanent kernel panic due to the removal of some vital OS stuff).

The problem is that now I can't install Snow Leopard again (so that I may upgrade to Lion) or install Lion without downloading it (my connection is VERY slow, it would take over a week possibly).

Hold down the option key while booting your Mac, and insert the Snow Leopard install disk.

It should show up after a minute (maybe you have to press "refresh"? Before installing, it's probably a good idea to use Disk Utility to repartition and erase your hard drive, specifically to remove the recovery partition that Lion has created for you (it will be recreated if you install Lion again later).

Once you have the Lion install package on their Mac, right-click and Show Package Contents on it and drill through the folders until you find the file.And that means software compatibility is not something they can wait for or take a chance on. While an Adobe contact was not available for immediate contact, an Adobe spokesperson via the company’s support website was unclear, but seemed confident that compatibility won’t be an issue when the El Capitan update hits later today.At first, the support specialist wrote that Adobe CC products are not currently compatible with El Capitan. And this article will be updated as confirmations are received one way or another (El Capitan was just released, so I will be installing it and reporting on my personal compatibility experiences in an update for this article later today).I don't use time machine (because I don't have anywhere to back up).I know it's an hold post but I didn't found solution anywhere so I post mine here.

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