Sharepoint organization hierarchy not updating

While I am still working on the follow-up post on how to go completely “folder-less” using meta-data, I decided to list some compelling reasons on why folders in Share Point should be avoided.

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Replication does not occur because the MSExch PFTree attribute is set to 0 instead of 1 on the CN=Public Folders container in Active Directory.So here it goes: Nested folder structure is only known to the person who created it. Share Point adds all folder and sub-folder names to URL.Overall URL length is limited to around 260 characters.Maintaining Security by folders in Share Point is an administrative nightmare. User Experience (navigation, finding the documents) just stinks with folders (it is so 1990’s! Using metadata, you can create unlimited number of views by whatever properties you have setup (i.e.) With folders you can deposit multiple copies of same file into different locations – not a good thing when you try to organize documents and data in the first place! organize documents by date, by customer, by project, etc.) So the document browsing experience is much better-off.

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