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The next step of the typical journey is to the order / cart page to capture the payment for the shipping but Thrive instead takes the prospect to a welcome overlay.With a message that their Free jar of Coconut Oil is in the cart waiting for checkout rather than taking them direct to the cart.And the reason we're doing this first is because you want to go ahead and create this pitch ..we can then create the "thank you" page for your registration process. Just trust me :) (Otherwise what are people going to see after they register? Just trust me :) (Otherwise what are people going to see after they register?

We’ve done some shipping price split-testing at Creative Thirst on these type of free plus shipping offers before and it is difficult to make the numbers work at such a low shipping amount, plus from our tests it has not moved the needle enough to win over a higher shipping price.

How do you get over the hurdle of the monthly continuity that’s attached to make the offer work?

Thrive Market has an interesting twist on the model, let’s take a look.

We see a lot of free plus shipping offers in the health and natural supplement market.

These are a necessary offer for the way their business models work and they really are a great offer for cold traffic. Offer a loss leader intro product where you’ll go negative on the first order, while trying to make up for the loss in the one time offer funnel that immediately follows the offer.

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