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[email protected] [~/support]# find /backup -type d -name accounts -print0 | xargs -0 du -sch | sort -h 4.0K /backup/2017-07-02/accounts 4.0K /backup/2017-07-03/accounts 4.0K /backup/2017-07-04/accounts 4.0K /backup/2017-07-05/accounts 4.0K /backup/2017-07-06/accounts 4.0K /backup/2017-07-07/accounts 4.0K /backup/monthly/2017-07-01/accounts 4.0K /backup/weekly/2017-06-25/accounts 4.0K /backup/weekly/2017-07-02/accounts 5.0G /backup/monthly/2017-06-01/accounts 5.0G /backup/monthly/2017-06-15/accounts 10G total In this case, a Remote Destination was configured, and later the server was configured not to retain the backups locally.The backups that were already present before that were not removed, but all subsequent ones were deleted from the server after successful transfer to the remote destination.It is strongly recommended to have a quota on each account, and for the sum of the account quotas to be enough less than the total size of the server to leave room for the system files.It is important to note that with default settings, database sizes are not calculated.After checking the total disk space usage of the server, it is useful to find how much is being used by each account.You can get a general overview using [email protected] [~]# repquota -as | head *** Report for user quotas on device /dev/simfs Block grace time: ; Inode grace time: Block limits File limits User used soft hard grace used soft hard grace ---------------------------------------------------------------------- root -- 29533M 0 0 246k 0 0 bin -- 44980 0 0 70 0 0 daemon -- 28 0 0 6 0 0 nobody -- 144M 0 0 36320 0 0 mailnull -- 2732 0 0 197 0 0 you can still check which users are using roughly how much disk space.If the server has used up enough of its disk space overall that it is causing services (daemons) to be interrupted, you might not be able to use the c Panel it is strongly recommended to open a Support Ticket for assistance, unless you are very comfortable with ssh, enough to attempt to resolve the issue on your own.It is important to be extremely careful if attempting to resolve disk space issues yourself, since it is possible to remove wrong files, thereby breaking server functionality.

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For this reason, this type of plugin is extremely likely to slow down all of the sites on your server, and they are not recommended.

If more disk space is being used than expected, it is recommended to check what is using the disk space.

Where to check first will depend on how you find out about it.

To protect against data loss, it is always strongly recommended not only to keep multiple sets of backups, but also to keep copies of at least some of them in an offsite location.

Although we do create our own backups of the VPSs, there are multiple reasons it is important not only for you to create your own backups as well, but also to keep at least one of the copies offsite.

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