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With over 250 new features, Mac users will be more likely to want to update sooner rather than later.What will be interesting this time around is how one performs this download-based upgrade.As foreshadowed by Apple making many of its leading i Work and i Life products available in the Mac App Store, the next version of OS X will also be sold only through the Mac App Store.This is yet another step away from traditional media distribution as Apple (s aapl) will effectively be cutting out other means of software distribution like Amazon (s amzn).Just make sure its set to AHCI instead of IDE Generic Kernel Panic on CPU – This problem is related with Chameleon V2.Its recommended for you to use PC_EFI v9 with a patched boot file.

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Install this boot loader to your USB Drive (be sure to change its destination) and replace the boot file with this patched file.In the next window, locate the “OSInstall.mpkg” and double click this package file to start Snow leopard Installation. and onwards, we will install Bootloader and some important drivers (KExts), Patch DSDT and Install certain important system files, so, bear it with me. Installing Boot Loader – Unzip the Chameleon Bootloader, Install the “Chameleon-2-1.0-r431.pkg“ and then “Chameleon v2 Snow Leopard Support.pkg“ to the New Drive.– Default “OSInstall.mpkg” works for GUID partitioned drive only. Note – If Snow Support Package Shows an Error, Then Follow Step 5.If you need to install on MBR, then google for Modified for MBR, download modified one and replace with default one. Customizing Install – Go through the options and select your New drive. Launch the “Show All Files“ (included in “Tools”) and click Show.De-select all the stuff you don’t need like Printers, Languages, other drivers etc.. Then Navigate to the root of your New Drive and delete the “boot” file you see and replace it with the boot file included System Downloads. Patching DSDT – From the downloaded Tools, Open the DSDT Patcher.

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