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They also have the useful property of showing when there are hidden changesets lurking under the covers, which is why this document uses revision numbers.takes any uncommitted changes in the working dir and “adds” them to the working directory’s parent changeset. revision 4 is not shown here because it was marked obsolete in the previous example.) apart from other history modification mechanisms is the fact that it recognizes troubles like unstable changesets and provides a consistent way for you to get out of trouble.Obsolete changesets with non-obsolete descendants are not hidden. If your amended changeset modifies a file that one of its descendants also modified, Mercurial has to fire up your merge tool to resolve the conflict.More importantly, you have to switch contexts from “writing code” to “resolving conflicts”.Unfortunately, that leaves us with a two-headed repository: Sometimes you might obsolete a changeset, and then change your mind.

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That works, of course, but it makes you look bad: you made a mistake, and the record of that mistake is recorded in history for all eternity.You can apply the patch with: [2014-07-13 ] EXCEPTION: (Exception) Unable to parse SVN info.at [/usr/local/lib/php/arcanist/src/repository/api/Arcanist Subversion API.php:359] #0 Arcanist Subversion API::get SVNInfo(usr.bin/Makefile) called at [/usr/local/lib/php/arcanist/src/parser/Arcanist Diff Parser.php:93] #1 Arcanist Diff Parser::parse Subversion Diff(Object Arcanist Subversion API, Array of size 5 starting with: ) called at [/usr/local/lib/php/arcanist/src/workflow/Arcanist Diff Workflow.php:962] #2 Arcanist Diff Workflow::generate Changes() called at [/usr/local/lib/php/arcanist/src/workflow/Arcanist Diff Workflow.php:526] #3 Arcanist Diff Workflow::run() called at [/usr/local/lib/php/arcanist/scripts/arcanist.php:338]I’m confused.To see those hidden changesets, use the $ hg --hidden log --graph --template ': \n' @ 4359450037 implement feature Y | | x 2:6c5f78d5d467 temporary amend commit for fe0ecd3bd2a4 | | | x 1:fe0ecd3bd2a4 implement feature Y |/ o c4b6f4efc8 init Note that changeset IDs are still the permanent, immutable identifier for changesets.Revision numbers are, as ever, a handy shorthand that work in your local repository, but cannot be used across repositories.

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