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“It was a shock when he resigned,” Vance says, “like Mom and apple pie were somehow tainted.” He was next posted to Honolulu, where the Secret Service had its central office for the Orient.

There he met Rosalind Maki, a Eurasian divorcée; they married in 1971 and he adopted her two children, Kai, now 13, and Nicole, 11. He was running the Secret Service office there in September 1975 when Sara Jane Moore tried to shoot President Ford.

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The ones that were decidedly different, they would be loners or just clique off and hang together.

One told Daily Mail Online that Kief is something of a 'Svengali' to Manilow and has pushed people out of the multi-millionaire singer's life and replaced them with his own relatives over the years.

That friend said it is Kief who didn't want to be 'Mrs Manilow'. If it goes on for a couple of days they have to stop it.'The singer has long dodged questions about his sexuality.

Chuck’s MVM International Security, Inc., which he started with two other ex-agents to provide protection for entertainers, corporate executives and foreign dignitaries and their families, has 30 employees and is thriving.

“Five years ago we probably would have starved, but now everybody’s conscious of security,” Vance says.

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