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AOTS spoofs this segment by replacing David with Drunk Uncle Ted, a mannequin who talks and is drunk all the time, giving bad advice to random people on the streets of Los Angeles, California.

A segment where gambling expert Jimmy the Geek gives out picks for smart betting on upcoming sporting events.

Viewers send in videos of themselves, asking questions, giving opinions, etc.

Munn and Pereira originally introduced it by saying something along the lines of "Let's talk to you guys over in the army of monitor heads" until the army of monitor heads were retired in mid 2008.

Each video is rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with a different satirical value for each segment (e.g., "Out-of-control tire fires", "Rolling meth labs" or "Gun-totin' grannies").

previously sponsored this segment and as part of the segment's sponsorship deal, the segment was renamed "BREAK moments in De-Evolution" and the videos came exclusively from, however, the sponsorship ended in 2011, and the segment reverted to its old name and now allowed video from other sites back in the segment, with the format of the segment remaining the same.

Before and after certain commercial breaks an ATNesque segment called "What Happens Next?

" (formerly just "Around the Net") airs, where part of a video is shown with 3 possible options, the correct answer and the rest of the video are shown after the break.

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The hosts review several online videos from all over the Internet from viral video sites of people doing ridiculous stunts, which usually end in bodily harm and/or property damage.The show returned to live shows five days a week in September 2008, but G4 announced as of March 2, 2009On October 26, 2012 G4 canceled Attack of the Show!due to low ratings, five months after Kevin Pereira canceled his contract.Sex columnist Anna David and Olivia Munn give intimate relationship advice and opinions.That version of the segment has been replaced by footage of David doing person-on-the-street sex talk, with David never appearing in the studio.

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