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ENGLISHGIRL ~ Shirley JAZZYGF~ no first name given yet. You just need a figure or whatever to put inside, some glue and glitter. Doris, my holiday baking is a bit slap-dash when I have a gazillion other things on the go, but my family has their favorites. They also love - and love to help make - classic sugar cut-outs and gingerbread men. But, the weather here we have to wear our winter jackets/coats Brrrr In answer to the holiday cooking/baking earlier, I don't usually do much holiday baking, but when I do or have, usually make Ohio State Buckeyes, Fudge easy fudge lol sometimes a pie and maybe some cookies, No Bakes and peanut butter cookies, my daughter has a two ingredient oatmeal cookie recipe, 1 cup oatmeal and 2 bananas, you can also add raisons or nuts if you want to. I don't have time to worry about that though, I'm busy getting my house in order, the dogs things ready to take to the day care for their boarding and last but not least, packing for my trip.

( I named her Jazzy for now) IMAGINEJOY ~ no first name given ( I named her Joy for now.) All have joined in the chats and it has been great to get to know these three new members. Shirley we will miss you and hope you have a delightful trip. If you have a bit of glycerine to add to the water it helps keep the glitter from sticking. Sharon, what kind of program do you have for recipes? After those, I make a variety of cookies, a few traditionals and others changing from year to year. well, once people start sampling, that's usually the end of the story. drop by teaspoons on cookie sheet, "greased" bake at 350 GCB6-G68Cg The link is her video on hem, if you would like to try them they are very good Rosie- You work and I would say that is with energy. I leave tomorrow so probably won't have time to post until I get back.

It's a fun social network made for teenagers with plenty of features that will make each of your visits more exciting.

He is a retired teacher as is my daughter and even my grandfather was a teacher got a bunch in my family.

I do think they are a beautiful part of the Christmas decoration and I always have one here to play with.

I am going to set up all my decor for Christmas during the first week of December as with Laura and family coming on the 19th, I want to have all in place in the first week and bake all of my goodies in the second week, probably to freeze most of them.

The bottom came off and he was fascinated by watching the music box thing work. This is one of those days when I'm happy not to have a long commute - LOL. I've been on here for a very long time, this morning. My daughter went to school at Aveda and she does my hair. I am not much of a baker for Christmas goodies , Usually go to a bake shop here in town for Cookies. All my grandkids are taller than me which is not hard to do. I have a friend that works there; we were very close to her parents. Years ago his son went all over the Minnesota State Fair and collected things to send the Troops.

Watched my grandson yesterday and he has a snow globe I gave him when he was 1 i think. I opened my eyes exactly 5 minutes before I needed to take the children. It is now getting late and I still haven't packed so I will bid you all ado until next Monday. It is several items that have been on back-order for a week or so. There are about 500 and he said he will give some to our Troops.

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